8 Use Cases for Itty Bitty Site we want to see now

Don't know what Itty Bitty Site is for? Neither do I but lets shoot a few ideas up the flagpole and see what happens.

1. Itty Bitty Social Network

Right now every post on social media just looks like an SMS - text and emoji . Instead of that blah you could have each post be an Itty Bitty site. Then you'd have a whole microsite of JS/CSS/HTML to play with. Can you imagine what those Kardashians would do with that?

2. Micro-blogging platform

The idea here is that you could create a blog where each post on the blog is actually an Itty Bitty site. The platform itself could just be a whole load of RSS feeds. Each blogger would have an RSS feed that hosts the URLs that are their blog posts.

Lets make RSS great again!

What's missing here is a tool to spit the posts out. Some kind of CMS-style app for generating each post, configuring the layout and preview. To publish a post the tool would just update the RSS feed.

3. Lets make Yet Another JavaScript View framework

This one would be a new approach to organising a Single Page Application. Here you can make sections or components of the site to be an Itty Bitty SIte. The main application just loads up the main page which has Itty BItty site URLS for the components on the page. Some sort of dispatcher process would call the Itty BItty URLs and render the results in place on the page.

What's cool about this one is that each section of your site is completely independent of the others and you can mix up your front end technologies as you see fit.

4. Executable code as content

Anywhere that you can send text can now be used to send an Itty BItty Site. The recipient can then load the site in a browser or webview component and have an executable app. This could be built into whatever site or app that you are using for messaging. Take the official calculator example. You can transmit that in a tweet and the receipient can execute that in their browser.

5. A design revolution

Forget Mobile First, the new challenge is Itty Bitty First. Especially if some of these other ideas take off y'all need to start shaping up your microsite design skills.

6. Dirt cheap static web hosting

If you want to host a static web page such as a marketing landing page then your hosting costs will disappear if you use an Itty Bitty Site. Your site is just a record in DNS. No need to pay for a CDN or hosting. No servers to patch.

What would be needed here would be a site where marketing drones could create IBS landing pages and easily pop them into DNS. You could charge a fee for them to use this platform. Customers could have their main site alongside this and for landing pages they need they can just create them as IBS sites.

7. New eBook format

Who wants shitty DRM-laden commercial ebook file formats when we can just use open technologies? Each page in the book is an Itty Bitty site with a link to the next page.

8. Less is more

Why bother with a fancy website when you can just take it back to basics with an Itty Bitty microsite?

So there we go, a few ideas for you to work on.

Get cracking nerds!

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